Will Disputes

Disputing a Will

Disputing a will can be upsetting given that the parties involved are often related, being members of the same family or related by marriage. Here at Painters, our will solicitors can assist in verifying the validity of a Will, including whether the testator had the requisite mental capacity when making the Will.

We assist with disputes between siblings, executors or beneficiaries and help with inheritance claims. Our will dispute solicitors boast a wealth of experience in handling a diverse range of cases, from contesting a will and inheritance disputes to issues related to the execution of trusts.

With a deep understanding of the legal nuances surrounding wills and inheritance, our local solicitors are well-equipped to handle cases involving allegations of undue influence, lack of testamentary capacity, and disputes arising from ambiguous or contested will provisions.

Painters Law recognises that will disputes often come with heightened emotions and can strain familial relationships. Our disputed wills solicitors strive to create a supportive and empathetic environment, ensuring that clients feel heard and understood throughout the legal process.

How to Contest a Will?

To contest a will, one typically begins by understanding the grounds for contestation, if you are unsure on the strength of your case, our solicitors in Kidderminster are here to talk you through your options. It is essential to gather pertinent evidence supporting the claim, ranging from medical records to witness statements.

While our will dispute solicitors are fully prepared to litigate cases in court when necessary, we also explore alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation.

It's important to note that contesting a will is a nuanced legal undertaking, and professional guidance is essential throughout the process.

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Choosing the right legal support is crucial in navigating the complexities of contested wills and inheritance disputes. At Painters Law, we aim to provide a cost-effective and efficient legal service that helps you resolve such issues as swiftly as possible.

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